The Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.) degree in the School of Professional Studies builds on the knowledge and skills of students who have already completed master’s level study in business and business-related disciplines. The program incorporates a blended delivery approach utilizing technology and face-to-face instruction to create a combination of synchronous and asynchronous pedagogy. Or students may choose to attend in an online only format. The supervised culminating experience of not less than 9 credit hours will result in the production of either a Peer-Reviewed Publication, Conference Presentation, or Work-Based Project.


The D.B.A. Program objectives are to create graduates who will:

  • Develop innovative principles and practices in business operations and management;
  • Conduct research for solving problems, making decisions, and communicating results and recommendations;
  • Use technology efficiently and effectively to achieve organizational and professional goals;
  • Employ ethical leadership capabilities to solve a variety of complex domestic and global issues; and
  • Communicate effectively in diverse environments by aligning audience, medium, and message.

Student Handbook

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