SPS Doctoral Student Trevor Chayer Presented Airbnb Case Study at The International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship


UIW Doctor of Business Administration student Trevor Chayer presented “Revolutionizing the Shared Economy: How Airbnb Changed the Travel Industry” in Washington, D.C. on March 5, 2018.  The International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship was hosted by Georgetown University, George Washington University, and the University of the District of Columbia. Mr. Chayer and his co-author, Professor of Management and Chairman of the DBA Program Dr. Ryan Lunsford, examined how Airbnb facilitated its network of internet users to create a $30 billion peer-to-peer market, with more than 150 million travelers significantly contributing to the sharing economy and how Airbnb has formatively shaped the sharing economy phenomenon.

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SPS Doctoral Student Publishes Case Study Highlighting the Transformative Reutilization of Brooks City Base


Doctor of Business Administration candidate Ric Lowe published his case study “Brooks City-Base: The Astute Rebranding of a National Icon” in the Academy of Business Research Journal.

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SPS Doctoral Student Publishes Research on Military Retention


University of the Incarnate Word’s School of Professional Studies Doctor of Business Administration candidate, Rodney Kelley, published his study analyzing job satisfaction variables that impact re-enlistment by reserve component service members after he presented his findings in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in October.

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DBA Student Published Peer Review CPS Energy Case Study


Doctor of Business Administration Student John Soltau had his case study examining how CPS Energy manages disruptive forces published in Case Studies in Business and Management. Mr. Soltau investigated the major forces responsible for disrupting the utility space, namely, disruptive energy resources and energy efficiency/demand response, and he evaluated their influence on the sector.

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UIW Wins ACBSP DBA Poster Session


Ryan Lunsford, Professor of Management and DBA Chair, David Stein, EAP Director of Accreditation and Assessment, and Julie Weber, EAP Director of Marketing and Recruitment, submitted a winning poster for the ACBSP 2017 Conference. The poster outlined the Doctor of Business Administration recruitment and marketing techniques, highlighting the program’s development towards successful enrollment rates. Their session was well-attended and received positive feedback from both presenters and attendees.

DBA Poster Award Winners

Pictured above: David Stein and Dr. Ryan Lunsford

DBA Student Presents Crossfit Inc. Case Study


UIW Doctor of Business Administration student Trevor Chayer presented Is CrossFit Built for the Long Haul at the Academy of Business Research. His case study explored the unique business model of CrossFit Inc. and its fast rise from a small, obscure gym in California to a worldwide phenomenon. Chayer examined the CrossFit brand, its entrepreneurial model that enabled it to grow quickly and profitably, and the likelihood that its model will lead to sustainable, long-term profitability. Chayer concluded his case study presentation by considering recent controversies, criticisms, and lawsuits that CrossFit faces. Chayer is a Management Analyst in the United States Air Force at Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. He has served separate tours in Afghanistan and Qatar in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

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DBA Professor and Student Published in Widely Cited Journal of Business Case Studies


Dr. Ryan Lunsford, Associate Professor of Business at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas, and Mr. Steven Ferrell, student in UIW’s Doctor of Business Administration Program, were published in the Journal of Business Case Studies. Their article “CPS Energy: Leading The Way To A Sustainable Future” presents the Nation’s largest city-owned and publicly-operated energy company as the model of what a sustainable, 21st Century energy company can be.

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