DOCTOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIONDesigned for Leaders, Innovators, & Problem Solvers

A HIGHER LEVELOpen doors to new career opportunities

GAIN PERSONAL LEVERAGE Creating highly-skilled scholar-practitioners

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOXDevelop practical & contemporary business knowledge

15 Courses


Formats: Online and Classroom/Blended

Program Overview

The DBA builds on the knowledge and skills of students who have completed master’s level study in business and business-related disciplines. This degree is a 45-hour program including 15 courses and a minimum of 9 supervised peer-reviewed publication, conference presentation, or work-based project credit hours. The DBA intends to create scholar-practitioners who are able to provide meaningful contributions to the advancement of business research and practice.

Features & Benefits

Although DBA students may choose to pursue their degree at a less than full-time pace, the program’s design does enable highly driven and motivated students to potentially complete their degree in as few as five semesters.

  • Develop innovative principles & practices in business operations & management
  • Conduct research for solving problems, making decisions, & communicating results & recommendations
  • Use technology efficiently & effectively to achieve organizational and professional goals
  • Employ ethical leadership capabilities to solve a variety of complex domestic & global issues
  • Communicate effectively in diverse environments by aligning audience, medium, & message

To accomplish this, students would successfully complete nine credit hours per 16-week semester for a total of five semesters. To qualify for the DBA degree, the student must successfully complete the program of study as specified in the degree plan, including the Culminating Experience. This can be done by a total of three peer-reviewed presentations, conference presentation, or work-based project. Students must successfully complete a minimum of three semesters and must make at least two unique selections (students may not publish three articles, make three presentations, or complete three work-based projects) to satisfy program requirements.

Unlike in the not-too-distant past, a university degree no longer lasts a lifetime. We want you to take this opportunity to expand on your work experience so you can reach the next level in your career.”